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Dec. 15

“Up and Down” in Mythaxis Magazine

My short story, “Up and Down” will appear in edition 31 of Mythaxis Magazine!

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Both Sides

These Shorts Will Get You Through the Apocalypse

Tainted Love / Boys Don’t Cry

Starting A Short Story: A Craft Essay Goes Too Far

Rocks and Snow

Won’t Back Down: A Roots Tribute to Tom Petty

That Kid Who Saved the World One Time

Hard To Give Thanks / Foundation

Covid By State

Solar Shrine Fundraiser Soundtrack

Water at the Top of the World

Win For Losing

Confessions of an Aphrodite Bug

CRA Newserator

Essay: In Defense of Anti-Science

The Red Spot Rhythm Section – Worry: Songs of Homan Freed

Review: David Bowie Is

N^ The Game

N^ The Game

the Morphtet

Review: In Decay: Stitching America’s Ruins

Flowering Open

The Opposition Party

Dancing At The Revolution

Fluids – A Vector-Based Particle System

Mt Greenwood Sound Sculpture

mount greenwoord sound sculpture

Bride of Acacias

Review: Chipaumire & Mapfumo at the MCA

in progress

N^ is an original board game, currently in play testing. It combines the worlds of geopolitics, cellular automata, and spatial strategy.

The Morphtet is a trio focused on transmutating new standards and classics into a barrelhouse-funk-reggae hybrid.