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We Makes It

A sci-fi poem about a sentient self-replicating swarm of nanobots struggling with its own appetites and ecology, appearing in Penumbric Magazine of Speculative Fiction, April 2k24

Love Like a Guitar in the Road

My flash fiction, “Love Like a Guitar in the Road“, appearing in Syncopation Literary Journal’s Guitar Issue (vol. 3, no. 1)


My speculative climate story “Cascade” appearing in Peatsmoke Journal.

Pop Forgot

A sci-fi poem about doom and memory, published in Abyss&Apex Magazine.

The Saba Demos

In 2022, I started work on arrangements for a new Instrumental Afrofunk Septet, but the project morphed into something a bit different. I still had these arrangements hanging around, so I decided to clean them up and release them. The album includes three original compositions and five cover songs.

I hope you enjoy them!

Up and Down

My short story, appearing in Mythaxis Magazine, Winter 2022 issue 32.

Both Sides

Both Sides ( is a website I built to show evidence of votes where Republican and Democratic legislators in Congress have differed greatly. The aim is to show cases where the “both sides” narrative (ie, “both sides are really just two sides of the same coin”) falls apart. The hope is that prospective voters and non-voters, no matter their political stripe, will see that the balance of power between the two parties can and does make a difference.

This site was inspired by a classic reddit post showing a list of important votes where both parties dramatically diverged in their votes. I’m hoping to provide a lasting, easy-to-find archive of these votes, one that will grow over time through a feature where users can suggest more Congressional votes that fit the bill (if you’ll pardon the pun).

These Shorts Will Get You Through the Apocalypse

My piece of short satire about the best shorts for the worst people, appearing in Greener Pastures.

Tainted Love / Boys Don’t Cry

Red Spot Rhythm Section brings you a two-sided single of broken-hearted soul, in these renditions of hits from 1980s Britain, featuring Claire Liparulo and Erthe St. James.

The tracks have appeared on KPCR, KCBP, WLUW, WNUR, WHCM, CHIRP Radio Chicago, Southern FM (Melbourne, AUS), and syndicated shows such as This Is Ska among others.

Cover art by Shannon Belock.

Released May 6, 2022.

Starting A Short Story: A Craft Essay Goes Too Far

What’s the opposite of analysis paralysis? I got a bit obsessed with the beginning of a short story I found at a writing conference and went a little too far with it. I knew better but I couldn’t help myself.

The result ended up in The Masters Review.