Both Sides is a website that tracks Congressional votes where parties have shown dramatic differences. The aim is to deflate the argument that “both sides are just the same.”

Covid By State is a covid tracker I built to display normalized covid data on a state-by-state basis.

Newserator is a custom RSS aggregator that I built to break the filter bubble effect in online news consumption.

In the world of Fantasy Football, draft prep is everything. Here’s a little tool I built for a friend; it consumes draft position data and helps the user predict their team based on position and depth chart.

N^ The Game

N^ is an original board game, currently in play testing. It combines the worlds of geopolitics, cellular automata, and spatial strategy.

Designed to go along with live musical performance, this vector field particle simulator takes keyboard controls from an operator and can be used from a laptop-projector hookup in a performance space.

Part of the Educational Development interactive media installation, the See-Saw was a real life see-saw that took the viewer on a trip through some ups and downs of educational manipulation.

Part of the Educational Development interactive media installation, this piece featured a lesson in the history of compulsory education, drawn on the chalkboard by an “invisible hand”.

Palette generator that works by computing hex values. HTML / PHP based, including some random functionality. Click away and soothe your eyes.