A sci-fi poem about a sentient self-replicating swarm of nanobots struggling with its own appetites and ecology, appearing in Penumbric Magazine of Speculative Fiction, April 2k24

My flash fiction, “Love Like a Guitar in the Road”, appearing in Syncopation Literary Journal’s Guitar Issue (vol. 3, no. 1)


My speculative climate story “Cascade” appearing in Peatsmoke Journal.

A sci-fi poem about doom and memory, published in Abyss&Apex Magazine.

My short story, “Up and Down”, appearing in Mythaxis Magazine, Winter 2022 issue 32.

My piece of short satire about the best shorts for the worst people, appearing in Greener Pastures.

Based on a tragic event at the steps of the US Supreme Court, this piece of satire is kind of a sick burn.

The title says it all. Featured in The Masters Review.

My short story, “Rocks and Snow”, appearing in Lamplit Underground. Nominated for a 2021 Pushcart Prize.

My short story, “That Kid Who Saved the World One Time”, published in the Spring 2021 issue of SHiFT: A Journal of Literary Oddities.

My debut children’s book – about inclusion and peace-seeking in a world of colliding mythology and science.

My short story, “Confessions of an Aphrodite Bug”, published in the Fall 2017 issue of Michigan Quarterly Review.

An essay published in Skeptic Magazine, challenging the scientific-edifice counter-revolution

Review of the David Bowie Is show at the MCA Chicago, featured in Whitehot Magazine

Review of Eric Holubow’s photography exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center; published in WhiteHot Magazine.

A review of the multimedia / dance / music collaboration between Nora Chipaumire and Thomas Mapfumo at the MCA in Chicago; published in Whitehot Magazine

Review of a performance piece by Theaster Gates at the MCA Chicago; published in Whitehot Magazine

Review of a show at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, featuring blue line works of Chris Ware in all their bare-pencil, emo splendor; published in Whitehot Magazine