I created this soundtrack for the Solar Shrine fundraising video to support their architectural installation planned for Burning Man 2020.

Win For Losing is a protest song EP recorded at Audio Bistro, with some guest performers from around the Chicago reggae scene.

The debut album from The Red Spot Rhythm Section. Future psychedelic folk!

Overture and Curtain music from the EP Theatre production of Michael Bettencourt’s play. I also did sound design for the play, and produced the recorded music.

mount greenwoord sound sculpture

This original musical sculpture series was created by Jim Brenner and Jacob Worley-Hood for a new park in Mt Greenwood. I participated in the inaugural performance as a percussionist and co-produced the recording.

Sound and Video for the theatrical production at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago. The play was a cathartic biography of Iranian film pioneer Forough Farrokhzad, written by Iranian expat Ezzat Goushegir and directed by Dana Friedman.

A stride version of one of my Marley favorites, rendered in solo piano.

Poor water bug – his life is tough and he knows it…and he wants you to know it, too. This character held forth in the Inns of Virginia showing, taking up residence in his usual habitat – the commode.

An acoustic-electric mashup of signage collected from throughout the city, created in a structured improvisational format.